Survivor – Giveaway Island

So, you’re pretty certain that the Democrats have done themselves in by becoming vocal socialists?  You think that most Americans don’t want anything to do with socialism, and therefore the Republicans will run away with the upcoming elections.

Well, batman, you are completely wrong.  The socialists will sweep the floor with the conservatives!  The reason is very simple.  The power of the purse.  All the democrats (and by all the democrats I mean ALL the democrats) are now competing on the new season of Survivor – Giveaway Island. They are unabashedly socialists now.  You can hear it in their voices too.  Quite vocal.  But the reality of this season’s show is that the public doesn’t realize that they’re socialists.  Oh sure, they know Bernie is a socialist, but he doesn’t really count because he outright calls himself a socialist.  Besides, he’ll run out of energy halfway through the season and get voted off the island.

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The others try to call themselves capitalists in an effort to appeal to morons (read most republicans.)  And the public, well – the public believes them.  If you ask them about Rastamala Harris, or Pocahantas, or Spartacus, or any of the others, they’ll say “oh aren’t they democrats?”  When you go on to ask voters about their big campaign issues you’ll get answers like: “oh I think we do need universal child-care” (Poca’s big wampum drain), or “yes I think that universal health-care is a human right” (Rastamala’s thought-provoking policy), or “wow, wouldn’t it be nice to have free college tuition”, or my favorite “The New Green Monster” (this one isn’t at Fenway Park) – it goes on and on.  But wait you say – aren’t those actually socialist plans.  Of course they are.  You know it, and I know it, and most of all Rastamala and Poca and Sparty know it too.  But voters gravitate to something for ‘free’, they don’t equate it with socialism just free-ism.

And it get’s even better on Giveaway Island.  Two upcoming episodes feature the socialists climbing all over each other offering more and bigger (socialist) programs.  The winner will have to be the most creative giveaway artist on team Blue.  Let’s be honest shall we. I mean come on Poca, who really has childcare as one of the most critical issues facing the country?  Can’t you just see her at rehearsals saying to her staff “hmm, native Americans have reservations about voting for me, so what can I give away to get the pandering vote?”  And there’s Sparty?  Does he just get up in the morning and google ‘giveaway ideas near me’?  He’s latched onto reparations but we don’t see him extending it to native Americans because that would mean he’d be sending a check to Poca.  We’ll wait and see what he comes up with.

The season finale will reveal who wins the election;  of course, the socialists do.  They know full well that they can’t deliver on their campaign promises.  But that’s ok, the promises weren’t meant to be kept, the promises were just there to get elected. They don’t even have to tell voters that they scammed them.  Too late, for that.  It’s all about getting POWER.  The republicans will kick and cry, and go down to defeat along with their morals and principles.  The socialists will lie, cheat, hypocritize, and take the power.  No matter what it takes – get the power.  Machiavelli would be very proud.

Luckily for America it’s only a reality show.  Wait, what’s that?  It’s real reality (which isn’t redundant any longer.)  The socialists don’t give a hoot if they destroy the very fabric of the country.  That’s not material to them.  Only that they have the power.  We’ll be over the tipping point with the giveaways.  No going back to productive, innovative, creative, hard-working America.

And who’s the biggest loser?  You and …….


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