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Do you think that you’ve got strong opinions about the state of our world?  Of course you do – everyone does – that’s the world we live in today.  This is your forum to get involved in discussions about those topics.  So relax, read a few (or all) of the articles, open your mind, and send your comments over.  You know that you want other people to agree with your opinions!  Here’s your opportunity to make some converts.

MyAnthos is devoted to serious (and sometimes not so serious) discussions on topics that should make your opinions boil over!  Current events and Politics always get people started, so those are here.  But you will, from time to time, find articles on our world at large, those occasional head-scratching, astounding events.  If I do my job well, (and I’m quite sure that you will agree that I do), the articles should compel you comment.  Do your part to join with other readers, or to try to convert them to your point of view.   There are just 2 rules:

  1. that you keep an open mind, with eyes like my mother (she had them on the front and the back of her head) which makes it a heck of a lot easier to see both sides!
  2.  that you have strong opinions!

In case you are wondering what my political leanings are – I’m an avowed ConservoLiberCentrist.  A What you say?  Earlier in life I was sure that Conservatism was the true path.  Then as I became more experienced with life (read OLD) I began to realize that Liberals have some good qualities too (key word is “some”).  That should make me a Centrist I guess, but being a straight-down-the-middle Centrist is just too damn boring.  Centrists never have a strong opinion about anything.  And I’m nothing if not opinionated.  So I’ve coined a new classification – and I throw it out there for anyone that would like to join my personal CLC Party – be my guest.

 Someone famous once said that “those who forget history are doomed to repeat it”.  

 Someone famous once said that “those who forget history are doomed to repeat it”.

As we move forward through time there is, by default, more history to remember and certainly more to forget.  Lots of the movers and shakers in the world today prove it over and over – and it’s evident when we hear them on public platforms discussing the pressing issues of the day.  They always think that this-or-that problem is brand new, as if it just appeared like so much frost on the grass.  But, if you look carefully at almost every issue today, with one eye forward and one back, you can sometimes get a clear image of how we might be rescued from repeating history or how we might benefit by remembering it.

Your comments are invited and encouraged on any of the posts that you read, or comment on someone else’s comments.  Contrarian opinions are especially important, as they keep us honest, and sometimes they will make us laugh!  Also, and equally important, if you want to suggest a topic for the group’s discussion – please do so!

“I never considered a diffence of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friendship” 

 – Thomas Jefferson.

Hopefully we will together build a nice anthology (hence the name of the site).  It’s from the Greek -(not “geek”)  anthos = a collection of articles.

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