The Unicorn and the Tennis Player

Here’s the basic problem with every liberal agenda item I’ve ever encountered; they’re based on some utopian concept that just cannot exist in the real world. Every one of them is a unicorn. An enchanting and wonderful thought. But upon closer examination it’s just a pony with a plastic horn strapped to its head. As the liberals openly edge closer and closer to socialism, they need to espouse fancier and fancier unicorns. Without acknowledging human nature, or just plain nature, they profess more and more unachievable platform ideas. And the childlike adherents continue to believe that it will be a wonderful world. Damn it, Santa is really coming down the chimney this year.

my little pony maybe?

Eventually though, the snake eats its own tail, and the liberals are just bigger snakes. When you unleash insane ideas with no constraints whatsoever, they begin to devour each other from the inside out. Consider the latest example. It’s a simple tale really, but a careful look at the ending should make you shudder. Let’s take a look.
Since the beginning of time the idea that there are but 2 sexes proved to be scientifically valid. Several years ago the banner of Feminism was raised, and the idea of gender equality was beaten into everyone. God help you if you questioned it or suggested that the two sexes could actually be different with different strengths and different weaknesses. You could be pilloried just for the thought. The feminist movement persisted with some good results and other not-so-good results. A good result is that the vast majority of people now don’t care if someone is gay or lesbian. But, liberals being liberals, they were not content with that. Next came the idea that we could ignore gender science all-together. (by the way, this is really rich coming from the same group that says if you don’t believe in global warming, then you’re ignoring science – but that’s a story for another article). Anyway, back to the tale at hand – transgendering. A biological man could simply announce that he wanted to become a woman (or vice-versa), and medicine could make it happen.

As usual with the liberals, they hand off their idea to the world, and disavow any responsibility for the outcomes. They also give jurisdiction to the thought-police for punishment of anyone that happens to question the validity of the idea. So off we go, no questions asked, literally. Then some unintended consequences start happening. First is the rise in men claiming to be women and wanting to use the women’s bathrooms and locker-rooms. Not so good, eh? “well, we never thought that would happen” say the liberals. Next are men in some stage of the transgendering process deciding to take advantage of ‘women’s sports’. (Of course following the feminist manifesto to its logical conclusion there can’t really be ‘women’s sports’ because we’re all equal right? Again, the subject of another article). So these almost-women start winning the trophies and the MONEY. “Ooops, we never thought that would happen”. Right. Now is when the fun begins. Here comes that nasty tail-eating snake, ready to devour itself.

martina navritolova

Martina - The Champion's Champion

Enter Martina Navratilova. World famous tennis champion. World famous lesbian. According to her website “she has spent much of her career overcoming prejudices and stereotypes, giving up millions of dollars in endorsements and sponsorship as a result of her insistence on living a life of integrity and honesty,” In other words, she’s been upfront, and out front of the sports world being a lesbian. Good for her, kudos for being true to herself. And for quite some time she’s been an on the Board of a group called Athlete Ally. Athlete Ally spends its time promoting L-G-B-T-Q-M-O-U-S-E issues in sports. (see what I did there with my little Disney reference? That’s right, another article). Stuck in the middle of that acronym is a tricky ‘t’. T is for Trans. And a certain somebody out there has an issue with transgendering men winning trophies in women’s sports. Guess who? Yep, Martina. She has been vocal that it’s patently unfair for trans-men to win piles of cash and then, if they want to, “go back to making babies” (her words). Can’t you just hear the snake’s tail whipping around? Well, Athlete Ally bounced Martina right off their board. Faceplant. Thwack. They couldn’t tolerate Martina being so intolerant. Can’t you just see the disdain dripping from the faces of the other Board members. How dare she have such integrity? A statement from Athlete Ally, which one can assume would be carefully worded so as not to offend anyone, said this is not the first time they have “approached Martina on this topic. In late December, she made deeply troubling comments across her social media channels about the ability for trans athletes to compete in sports,” They just couldn’t get her to keep quiet about it I guess. Remember she lives a life of integrity and honesty. Honesty is perhaps the value that liberals hate the most. It melts them like water on the wicked witch of the west. Can’t have honesty, because you can then tell the world that it’s just a cheapo plastic horn.
Ok, so I’m really quite ok with Athlete Ally being able to do and say what they please, and to have or not have whomever they please on their board. No issue there. Although the irony is enough to make me giggle like a school-girl (oops, did I say that out loud?) I mean schoolperson.
But let’s just drill down a slight bit further. The carefully worded Athlete Ally statement goes on to say “We reached out directly offering to be a resource as she sought further education, and we never heard back.” Yowee. Ouch. What’s that bit about Further education? It seems that Athlete Ally thinks that Martina shouldn’t be even be thinking this stuff let alone saying it out loud. And if she does just think it, means that she needs “re-educating.” And that’s the part where all the rest of us should start to quiver. Re-educating is a very Communist/1984/Brave New World/Siberia-in-winter concept. Since when do real people with real integrity (Martina) need to be “re-educated”? You know when. When they’re honest. And which agency determines who and why someone gets it? It’s too late to save Martina from being eaten by the snake, but for the rest of us………..I’m shuddering……

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